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15 May 2020 @ 03:32 pm
friends only

Layout, Header, Friends Only Sign, Mood Theme, Icons are all by me, natarei_takarai | lemoned_kiss
(unless stated otherwise)

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Yes~ I'm cleaning out my hard disk-kun (forgot what I named him XD) and found stuff that I no longer have use for. It'd be a waste to just throw these out, so I've decided to upload them and share them to everyone. I do have but a few rules and comments about these, so listen, and listen good... Okay, READ, AND READ GOOD. XD

1. None of these photos, music files, etc. were scanned or ripped by me. These are things I've collected for personal use on my hard disk over the years, so I claim no ownership over them.

2. I'm only sharing these because I'm deleting them from my hard disk, so I cannot grant any reupload requests.

3. Do not give me credit for these files, and do not ask for any more, because these are all I'm handing out, so that means I will not take any requests.

4. I don't mind if other people will share these links outside of LiveJournal. In fact, I'd appreciate it more if you pimped this post, because other fans might find something of interest in what I have uploaded.

5. I didn't complete all the magazine scans, mp3's, performances, blah blah blah, so I can't help you on that. All I can give you are my sources, which can (mostly) be found here in my profile and here in my graphic journal's account (because I used some for my stuff).

6. There are still some files that haven't been uploaded, and I'm still looking for others I can get rid of, so expect a few updates in the future.

7. Comment with "Halika't tayo'y pumuntang Bundok Tralala" in the title to show you've read these comments. I'd love to know if anyone actually took the files.

8. Enjoy them and keep in mind the above 7 comments and things to take note of.
Monday, July 26, 2008 @ 9:09PM +08:00 GMT

(New files are in red)



Hey! Say! JUMP July 2008


Hey! Say! JUMP May 2008
KAT-TUN May 2008
Kinki Kids May 2008
Tackey & Tsubasa May 2008

V6 May 2004


Hey! Say! JUMP LOOK at Star! July 2008


The Shounen Club January 06, 2008 Performances


Koike Teppei

Random Chibi Pictures (includes Koike Teppei and HYDE)
Random JE Pictures


Morimoto Ryutaro and Morimoto Shintaro

More to come soon, hopefully. I need to get rid of stuff and fast! :D
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29 December 2009 @ 03:53 pm

Everytime I turn on my mp3 player, I always, always, ALWAYS listen to one album alone, well, most of the time, because I really love it. That album is Acid Black Cherry's cover album, Recreation, released last May 21, 2008. I've been in love with it since forever, and yesterday, I decided that I will download ALL THE ORIGINAL SONGS and form Recreated. LOL. That's what I'm naming the playlist, because they're the original versions of the songs and, oh, you get it. XD

Here's the tracklist. The bolded ones are the ones I have so far.

1. Koi Hitoyo (One Night of Love) (Shizuka Kudo, 1988, 320kbps)
2. Slow Motion (Akina Nakamori, 1982, 192kbps)
3. Anata (You) (Akiko Kosaka, 1974, 40kbps)
4. Shinin' on Kimi ga Kanashii (Shining On You're Sorrowful) (LOOK, 1985)
5. Monochrome Venus (Satoshi Ikeda, 1987)
6. Ihoujin (Foreigner) (Saki Kubota, 1979)
7. Kokoro no Iro (Colour of the Heart) (Masatoshi Nakamura, 1981)
8. Matsu wa (I'll Wait) (Amin, 1982)
9. Hatsukoi (First Love) (Kozo Murashita, 1983)

If anyone has some or all of the songs (any quality. Higher = better), I'd be happy if you send them to me in this email: tegonyanko@gmail.com

Please use this format at the beginning of your email when sending me the songs:

<real name, username, whatever you want me to call you>
Email: <email address you primarily use, in case I need to contact you>
Website: <so I can add you to my credits once the playlist is complete>
Song: <the title of the song you are sending me>
Quality: <the quality of the song you are sending me: 128kbps, 320kbps etc.>
Link: <the link to the file uploaded on the internet. If the file is attached to the email, say so here.>
Source: <where you got the song: website, ripped from your own CD, etc>
Other: <anything else you want to say to me>

This is mainly for my own amusement. Once I complete the playlist, I'll be uploading them to my site at 8--->1 (check my sidebar) for anyone interested to take. However, the qualities might not all be the same, unless I find a better quality for each track. OTL

Anyway, help is very much appreciated. :3

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09 June 2008 @ 03:23 pm
finally, a petition to get Laruku to come to the Philippines and perform live!

here is what the petition says:

To:  L'arc~en~Ciel, SONY Music Japan, SONY Music Philippines

In light of the ever-growing number of fans of Japanese rock band L'arc~en~Ciel, this petition is to verify that the undersigned wish to see L'arc~en~Ciel live in Manila, Philippines. The signatures below represent fans who are willing to watch them play live in said country should an event take place, and are willing to wait even if it takes until 2011. The petition is not limited to residents of the Philippines, but to any and all fans who wish to watch them play here in Manila. Fans in the Philippines have waited a long time for a concert by this talented and famous rock band who remain in the hearts of many Japanese rock enthusiasts around the country. We hope that L'arc~en~Ciel and the Management of Sony Music Philippines and Sony Music Japan will take notice of this, and we all hope that one day we may be able to see them live in concert here in Manila. With everyone's support, we can make this dream come true!


The Undersigned

honestly speaking, i had nothing to do with the creation of this petition. i just signed it, because i want Laruku to come here. anyway, there are a total of 760 signatures as of Monday, June 9, 2008 @ 3:23PM +08:00 GMT. please sign the petition! doing so helps in making a lot of fans' dreams come true.

click here to sign the petition!

spread the word!!!
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12 May 2008 @ 09:48 pm

lemoned_kiss is natarei_takarai's sister journal. Born on May 2, 2008, the journal's layout features the late Matsumoto "hide" Hideto, the guitarist of X-Japan, in homage to his 10th death anniversary on the same day. The journal is a collection of natarei_takarai's works, such as icons, banners, layouts, brush sets, etc. The journal is not limited to only Japanese and Korean, but it will also feature nature, still life, as well as others. This is where she will be showing all of her creativity, so everything that is in the journal comes from her.

*This journal accepts requests. As for layouts, requests are limited to LiveJournal as of late.

Spread the word. :D
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